Why is custom framing so expensive?

Custom framing is not all that expensive, especially when compared to the costs of other home furnishing items and the comparatively long-term value consumers will see from their framed artwork. Considering the cost of window coverings, quality bedspreads, lighting fixtures, rugs, and so on, these items will generally cost more and need to be replaced sooner than your average custom frame. The true value of custom framing is definitely worth it.”

– Jared Davis, MCPF, GCF

Many people think that a frame is just 4 sticks of wood and some cardboard. While technically that is correct, the frames we use are so much more.

First off, the wood is not just common pine from the lumber yard, it is the most select that you can purchase, it is of many species. It is then milled and finished by hand. We then cut it to the exact size we need for your project.

The cardboard is made of layers of archival papers that have surface papers designed to be as light-fast as possible.

We offer different types of glass specifically designed for framing. Some of them filter out damaging UV light while others nearly eliminate all reflections. Our top of the line glass does both.

These along with many other reasons are why custom framing costs.

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