Corporate Services

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Corporate services

The Big Apple Art Gallery has been serving the needs of corporate clients for over 20 years. We receive large P.O.’s from interior designers, photographers, fashion behemoths, hospitals, large companies and small businesses.

Here are just a few things we can do for you:

Art consultation

Picture frame hanging

Volume custom framing orders on tight deadlines

UPS/FedEx/USPS drop shipping

Printing large sizes in large quantities

We can package and ship or deliver any order straight to you

Feel free to call us or come in for pricing for any of these services. If you are looking for
something that was not described on this page, contact us and let our creative
professionals help!


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Your Reliable Custom Framing Partner

Art Consultation

We will gladly visit your business to learn your unique office culture, decor and corporate style. We can show you our catalogues and help you choose from thousands of prints with various themes and styles, for an interior design solution that will fit your working space.

Competitive Pricing

Our service includes picking up your art at your location, or assisting you to choose new art. When your framing order is complete, we will deliver and hang your pieces to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and safe display.

Quick turnaround

Our operation can handle large orders, but what we are most proud of is just how fast we can complete an order when you are up against a deadline.