Canvas Framing

There are a few options when considering framing a canvas, whether it is an oil painting or photographic print.

Canvas Art Framing

Whether you have an original oil painting or a reproduction of a photograph printed on canvas, the first thing you need to do is to stretch your canvas. We offer canvas stretching on custom made stretch boards that are cut to the exact size of your artwork. We can stretch both blank and painted or printed canvas in three main types of stretching:

Standard stretching – The entire image will be visible on the front and none of it will be on the sides of the stretched canvas. In this case the staples are placed on the side. This method is perfect if you would like to get the piece framed as well.

Gallery Wrap – The image continues on the sides, while the staples are placed on the back of the piece so that they are not visible. The white of the canvas also does not show. This is a very popular option if you do not want to frame your canvas.

Museum Wrap – The image is shown in the front and the white canvas is shown on the sides. Once again the staples are placed in the back and are not visible.

Most people choose to frame their canvasses and we can help you choose a perfect custom frame for your artwork, whether you want something traditional and elaborate or a completely modern look. Also, see our section on Floater frames, for an even more striking design.

A lot of customers are not sure whether canvasses should be covered with glass or not. Although many people opt out of including glass when custom framing canvasses, it is always a good idea to protect your more valuable pieces, if there is a chance that your art will be touched or bumped, and especially from environmental factors such as dust or smoke.