Welded Solid Stainless Steel, Solid Bronze, Solid Copper, Custom Frames

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We carry all sorts of solid metal frames. These get cut from USA sourced metals and get cut and welded in the U.S. We offer very fast turn around and very competitive prices. When your artwork needs something special, these are it!

Custom Welded Solid Stainless Steel Frames:
Stainless frames are available in brushed and mirror polished finishes, available in angle, "T" and bent sheet metal.

Custom Welded Solid Bronze Frames:
Bronze frames are available in antique bronze patina, brushed and mirror polished finishes.

Custom Welded Solid Aluminum Frames:
Aluminum frames are available with dark blue/black patina, brushed and mirror polished finishes. Powder coating is also available.

Custom Welded Solid Copper Frames:
Copper frames are available in dark patina finishes. Custom polishing is available upon request.

Take a look at some of our examples below and contact us to request your own welded steel frame here.

Frame examples