Finished Peyton Manning Sports Jersey

Behind the Scenes: Framing a Signed Peyton Manning Sports Jersey /
February 4, 2017 /

We just had the honor of framing a signed sports jersey by the Super Bowl MVP for the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning! This framing job required a lot of care, just like any other valuable work we frame. Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes to get an amazing framed football jersey like this.

Stitching a Peyton Manning Sports Jersey

1. First we use some backing and fold the jersey how it will be displayed, after carefully aligning the fabric, we stitch it to the backing. Although you could glue or use some other adhesive to stick the fabric onto the board, we never do this because it will ruin the fabric and cannot be reversed. When framing valuables, we always practice conservation framing techniques to preserve the memories and the value without sacrificing on a beautiful display.

Matting a Peyton Manning Sports Jersey

2. Second we cut out the mat board which will surround the Jersey in the frame but since we do not want the fabric to touch the glass we create what is known as a shadow box, which gives the frame some beautiful depth to the piece and serves to spaces the fabric from the glass (another conservation framing technique).

Shadow box for a sports jersey

3. Finally, we put it all together in the frame of choice and wait for our favorite part, watching the customer’s face when we unveil it!

Watch it all in action:

Do you have a sports jersey that needs to be framed? Feel free to stop by and ask us about your options and what we can do for you. It doesn’t need to be a Signed Peyton Manning (Tom Brady is good enough too), whether it is a Football, Baseball, Basketball, or Soccer (just to name a few) Jersey, we can frame that!

We don’t even stop at Sport Jerseys, we frame all sorts of sports memorabilia such as signed photographs, tickets, balls and souvenirs. We will take utmost care of your memories and frame them in the best quality wood frames or in shadow boxes