Picture hanging height & color of the year

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January 13, 2017 /

Last week we completed a wonderful and very satisfying project for Pantone. These are the folks who pick the color of the year every year.

We did the printing, framing and installed their framed artwork. We were lucky enough to also be able to tour their labs where the colors are mixed and their ever so important swatches are printed. Most importantly (to us framers at least) we were able to a have a conversation with the people involved in picking the color of the year.

It was an amazing experience picture framing wise and as you can imagine was an intellectually very stimulating conversation for us framers. We discussed several things. One of the conversations we had involved picture hanging heights. I am 6 feet tall and normally hang pictures at eye level to myself minus a foot. I feel that is the average height for hanging a picture to accommodate most people. As in any work space environment there are persons of varying heights there. The folks at Pantone were very humorous and had fun with this topic for a bit.

We enjoyed this project and even came home with a few quarts of paints courtesy of Pantone. The color of the year for 2017 by the way is GREENERY, PANTONE 15-0343.